Maximize Your Boxing Training With Jump Rope Workouts

  • by Michael heckert
Maximize Your Boxing Training With Jump Rope Workouts

Boxing is a sport that requires extremely high physical & mental endurance. By incorporating jump rope workouts into your boxing or MMA training, you will increase your anaerobic threshold.

A higher anaerobic threshold will allow you to fight harder for longer periods of time! There is a reason all the greatest boxers such as Floyd Mayweather Jr & Mike Tyson relied heavily on skipping rope!

In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about jump rope training! From the benefits of plastic speed ropes vs weighted ropes to the key factors you should consider when selecting the best jump rope for your workout routine.

In addition, we’ll also tell you how boxing workouts can be enhanced by jump rope training. So without further ado, let’s jump to it!

Benefits Of Jump Rope Training For Boxers

Jump rope training offers many benefits for your boxing workouts. It provides aerobic and anaerobic fitness benefits by increasing heart rate and calories burned, as well as strengthening your calves and agility training.

Boxing legend Floyd Money Mayweather Jr. Jumping Rope

Jump roping can improve coordination, timing, and agility, which are vital for boxing. In addition, jump rope training helps to develop better hand-eye coordination, which is beneficial for boxing.

In a competitive CrossFit or Boxing setting, jump rope training can help build mental toughness and confidence, as well as physical fitness.

Typically, fabric jump ropes are heavy and too slow for this type of conditioning, so consider using a plastic speed rope instead. This type of jump rope routine is volume heavy, focusing on quickness which will be beneficial for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and physical stamina.

Before we can start jumping, we need to find the best jump rope for your routine and goals.

What's The Best Jump Rope For Boxing Training?

When choosing the right jump rope for your boxing workout, make sure it is of the correct length and weight for your needs. Additionally, choose a durable material that will not break easily. My favorite is BoxRope, engineered specifically for boxers.

I created a list of things to check for when picking your rope:

  • Make sure it is of good quality and durable material.
  • Choose a jump rope that is appropriate for your training level.
    • Beginners should consider a well made lightweight rope.
    • Someone with more experience may want a weighted jump rope with larger handles.

Benefits Of Lightweight Speed Jump Rope

lightweight speed jump rope for boxing training - King Killers Apparel

A well made Speed Rope made of lightweight steel cable or PVC is a great training tool for boxing and other high-intensity sports. This rope can help improve foot speed and provide intense cardio training. It is lightweight, making it ideal for fast-paced, volume heavy endurance workouts.

The speed rope is also recommended for fighters as the rope spins easily in coordination with the rhythm and movement of a boxer.

Fabric jump ropes are heavy and slow, making them unsuitable for intensive workouts such as Crossfit or aerobic exercises. Instead, choose a speed rope that is lightweight and fast to provide the best workout efficiency. If you're looking for a training tool to improve your boxing skills and footwork specifically, you should consider trying the speed rope.

Benefits Of Weighted Jump Ropes

weighted jump rope for boxing training - King Killers

Weighted Jump rope training is a popular workout that can help build upper body strength and power.

Weighted jump ropes put additional stress on the muscles, leading to greater gains in strength and endurance. In addition to their effectiveness as a weight workout, weighted jump ropes can also improve grip strength due to the larger handle size.

They are best for training the body's explosive power and agility. However, they must be used correctly to maximize their benefits.

Heavy jump ropes are not advised for aerobic conditioning or Crossfit workouts where speed and pace are important. Instead, weighted jump ropes may be best used as a way to increase the difficulty of your workout by adding resistance.

How Long Should A Jump Rope Be For Boxers?

For Boxers and people in general, It is essential that your equipment is the right length and size for your body type. An appropriately sized jump rope is a necessary piece of cardio equipment for any skipping routine. Use the image below as a reference.

front and side view showing how to measure your jump rope at home

If you already have a rope in front of you, it's simple to find the perfect length. Begin by standing on the middle of the rope and bring the plastic handles up against the body, ensuring there is no slack. You should adjust it so the handles reach your armpits.

If you haven't gotten your rope yet, you should try to find one by taking your height and adding an extra 2.5-3' to the length. So, if you are 5'11" you should try to find one that is 8'5" - 8'11" in length.

I highly recommend finding one that is easily adjustable. Allowing you to pull the rope through the handle and cut or tie off the excess.

NOT ADJUSTABLE? NOT A PROBLEM! Easily shorten it by tying knots in the line below the handles.

how to adjust the length of your jump rope - King Killers Apparel

How to Incorporate Jump Rope Into Your Boxing Workouts

Jumping rope is a staple in most boxing workouts as it combines cardio, coordination, dexterity, and footwork.

When starting boxing training, beginners should incorporate jump rope exercises and drills into their warm-up & cool down routines. This is a good way to get your entire body moving & ready for those NEXT LEVEL boxing sessions!

Just Learning How To Skip? These 3 Steps Will Jumpstart Your Progress!

  1. Choose a jump rope with handles that are comfortable to hold for your hand size. PRO TIP: Wrap some sticky grip tape around the handles to prevent slipping.
  2. Find an open space free from distractions to practice jumping rope. Ideally, this should be a room with a flat floor or a gymnasium area with no obstacles or hazards.
  3. Start slow and work your way up, this will help prevent injuries and also gives you the opportunity to experiment with different techniques. Don't worry, you'll be jumping like a pro in no time!

Jump Rope Drills For Boxers

With practice, you can learn to jump rope in various styles and variations that can be enjoyable and beneficial for your boxing training sessions.

Copy this list of tips and specific movements to make the most of your workouts!

  • Keep It Interesting by switching up the pace of your jumping rhythm.
  • Use different jump rope exercises to target different muscle groups. For example, try double unders, high knees, boxer shuffle, criss-cross, and always remember to stay on the balls of your feet!
  • Ensure you always use proper form even if that means you need to take breaks regularly to allow your muscles to rest and heal properly. This will help you stay healthy and maximize your workout results.

Will Jumping Rope Improve My Boxing Footwork & Endurance?

In Short...YES, IT WILL! With the right program and techniques, skipping rope can be an excellent workout to complement your boxing training. This workout can help improve your cardio endurance and speed, as well as your footwork and coordination.

A typical boxing jump rope workout involves roughly 30 minutes of constant motion. You can do jump rope workouts with high or low intensity, depending on your fitness goals.

Generally, high-intensity training sessions are used by experienced jump ropers. While lower-intensity sessions are used by those who are just starting to jump rope.

The jumps should be evenly paced and the count should be consistent throughout the routine. *Unless you are CRUSHING some HIIT circuits.*

Jumping Rope Vs Running For Cardiovascular Training

According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, jumping rope is a better option than running for cardiovascular training. This is because jumping rope can help improve power, endurance, and overall fitness conditioning.

In addition to that, jumping rope can help strengthen the legs, arms, and core muscles. Moreover, jumping rope requires coordination and agility which can help improve balance.

When compared to jogging, the advantages are small and a proper boxing camp will incorporate both into their training regime.

jumping rope vs running calories burned per hour - King Killers

Additionally, boxing rounds can be mimicked with jump rope workouts by alternating between faster and slower-paced work.

Consider Jumping at a fast pace for 1 Minute Or 30 Second Intervals. Take half of that time and switch to a moderate pace to recover before your next fast-paced interval.

As such, boxing rounds can be done more effectively with jump rope cardio sessions.

Get Started With Our Free Jump Rope Training Program!

If you’re looking to speed up your workout, jump rope training is the best way to do so. It’s an easy exercise that requires little space and equipment, yet still provides impressive results.

It can be incorporated into your boxing routine to boost endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. Don't Forget to Take Advantage of Our Free At-Home Jump Rope Routine For All Fitness Levels!

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